Macik’s truck overtook most the of race cars in Poland

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The task for Baja Poland was clear: to finish and, as the only truck in the competition, to win its category – and the crew of Big Shock Racing team (Martin Macik, Frantisek Tomasek and David Svanda) successfully finished. More valuable than the gold trophies, however, was the finding that they were able to outperform

Macik will race against cars with his truck on Baja Poland, Brabec trapped in the gym

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The Dakar obsession returns… The crew of Big Shock Racing team Macík, Tomášek and Švanda proved to be successful in Spain when they won Baja Aragon. Now Czech competitors are looking forward to Baja Poland, the World Cup Cross Country Rally, which starts on 29th August. It will be fun in the cab of a

Macik and Charles bring gold from Baja Aragon

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Martin Macik, Frantisek Tomasek and David Svanda from Big Shock Racing team won the Spanish Baja Aragon Championship, where they raced for the first time in their new Dakar special. In addition to the gold trophy and valuable experience, the race also confirmed that the change of car was a good decision. Charles, an Iveco

Baja Aragon: Martin’s first race with Charles

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The Big Shock Racing team cannot wait for Martin Macik to test Charles, the new Iveco Dakar special constructed in Sedlcany workshops, for the first time in sharp racing pace on Baja Aragon. The race will be all the more exciting, as Charles's twin, the second identical Iveco custom-built for Jaroslav Valtra, will also be

Macik tested Charles in Africa. Injured Brabec to make it for Dakar

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Big Shock Racing team returned from African testing with many interesting insights. Martin Macik first took a ride in the sand dunes in his new truck called Charles. The challenging 14-day training was meant to reveal the weaknesses of the Dakar special on which team mechanics will start working immediately after returning to Sedlcany. The

Macik unveiled Karel, the new truck for Dakar 2020

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Karel, Martin Macik’s racing special for the Dakar 2020, has finally been unveiled. It is an Iveco truck, it measures 6950 mm, weighs 8500 kg, and has a hood. Karel has everything that was good about Franta, the Liaz car, with which Macik successfully finished three previous Dakars, but at the same time, it comes

The Sumava Rally will indeed let Macik on the racing track in a tractor. Brabec will navigate

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After many questions about whether the Big Shock Racing team’s announcement released on April 1 was a joke, Martin Macik once again – in all seriousness – confirmed that he will drive a part of the Sumava Rally in the Valtra tractor. His claims are also supported by the organizers of the popular race, which

Macik in a tractor at Sumava Rally

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Martin Macik from the Big Shock Racing team is busy preparing for the Dakar Rally 2020. He spends the mornings in the gym, rides off-road around Sedlcany in his racing truck, and has recently been seen driving a tractor, too. “Whatever car you drive, you gather experience. Every ride will give you something. Driving a

Macík and Brabec enjoyed crowds of fans in Sosnová

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Big Shock Racing team bivouac was busting at the seams at the Mogul Dakar meeting in Sosnová, as Martin Macík, Jan Brabec and other members welcomed crowds of fans. They had the opportunity to ride with Martin in the Liaz or joke around with Brabčák. The entire supply of 1000 signature cards created specifically for